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Originally conceived as an off-shoot interview site due to the relatively underaged host, Kaiju After Hours is now back in as part of the overall Studio Kaiju group. This section is specifically to showcase the more adult-themed interviews that may contain elements not appropriate for the rest of the site.

At any rate, we hope you enjoy these occasionally eclectic choices for interviews.






Although today he's best known as one of THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, Sid Haig has enjoyed and distinguished career in films and television.  At Shock Stock in London, Ontario, he talks with Joe about his work on JASON OF STAR COMMAND and the Sean Connery Bond film DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, his education at the Pasadena Playhouse, and other various topics.

At the risk of ruining his carefully calculated image as one of the scariest guys in movies, we have to say that he is a genuinely warm and funny man.







One of Joe's goals when he started Kaiju After Hours was to chat with lovely Horror Hostess Marlena Midnite.  We didn't even realize that she would be in attendance at Cinema Wasteland until after we arrived.  She turned out to be every bit as lovely and gracious as he had hoped.  Unfortunately, we had some unexpected sound issues that marred the quality of the final product, but felt that Marlena was too good a guest not to share what we could with you.



RETURN TO NUKE'EM HIGH VOL 1 - The Science Class Scene (featuring Colin Reboy!!!)


Warning: As if you had to be told this by now... This is a scene from a Troma movie, so it's got some rough language, although sadly, NO nudity.




"Mrs. Crabtree"





While we're told this footage may be out there on the interweb somewhere in a very clean format, we have yet to have dug it up. But here, with the verbal approval of Lloyd Kaufman himself, and also with an approval indirectly from Anchor Bay Films who are releasing the movie, is The opening five minutes of the latest Troma masterpiece!  Until proven otherwise, consider this an EXCLUSIVE!!!!



A little birdie told me to keep looking and lo and behold here's BETTER QUALITY FOOTAGE of not just the first five minutes, but also the aftermath of the "Duckrape" sequence, featuring "30Rock" actor Judah Friedlander in a cameo appearance. This footage is from the exact same panel appearance as the previous footage, but was from a camera better placed and more importanly, locked down.


And YES, it's VERY NSFW!!!!!




JIM McBride, aka MR. SKIN


Long an icon of the interweb, Jim McBride's seminal website has been THE go-to resource to find out where you can see your favorite actress in the nude. His site, seemingly facetious, has become nearly as useful to people as the Internet Movie Databas and Wikipedia. We caught up with him at the Niagara Falls Man Show for a brief chat....


Mr Skin




While it's not a surprise that we have had Lloyd in our sites as a potential guest of Studio Kaiju, it was a harder process than we imagined to gain access to him. Lloyd is from a dying breed of filmmaker that stays afloat not by constant influx of money or through star-power, but rather by hard work and self-determination. In this sometimes funny, sometimes deadly serious and occasionally surprisingly candid interview, Lloyd explains to Colin and the rest of the world what it means to control your own destiny, what benefits there are, and more importantly what the costs are. The original idea was that we would have about 20 to 30 minutes with him, but the interview naturally kept going for a little over 45 minutes. Enjoy....

Lloyd Kaufman Pt 1:


Lloyd Kaufman Pt 2


Lloyd Kaufman Pt 3



New trailer for RETURN TO NUKE'EM HIGH Vol. 1

After a busy weekend of hobnobbing with the hoi poloy of cinema underground society, what better way to kick off your work week than with a brand new 2 min. 42 sec. International trailer for the latest Troma release.....

Mike Baez, who plays Donatello in RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH, was kind enough to supply some on-set photos, which we share with you below:


Mike Baez Mike Baez as Cretin

Mike Baez Close Up


Photos by John Landis and Doug Sakmann.





The local movie-making scene in Western New York appears to be exploding at the moment, and it's no wonder when you find people who tackle the process with so much gusto, like this feisty young lady. Angelina Leigh has an impressive resume with over 20 films, numerous modelling gigs, and a fearless sense of humor, as you will find out in this occasionally VERY N.S.F.W. interview. It seems kind of long, but hang in there, the last few minutes alone cement this as the most politically incorrect interview we have ever done. Be warned, in places the dialogue and subject matter gets quite frank....



Dangerous People R-Rated or Red Band Teaser Trailer (NSFW) from Garo Nigoghossian on Vimeo.





ARAMIS SARTORIO aka "Tommy Pistol"

Now that site host Colin is old enough, we find ourselves delving slightly into the field of Pornography... not making it... but interviewing actors from the field. First up is character actor, producer, writer, director, comedian Aramis Sartorio, who, in the horror parody porn field has carved a niche out for himself as the go-to for impressions of actors, is becoming well known. His most recent role was in the porn parody "Evil Head" in which he does a surprisingly good Bruce Campbell, fights with his possessed hand, and has sex... not really sure if it's in that order, but you get the idea....


EVIL HEAD PG trailer




April 14, 2013



He's kind of an actor, kind of a stand-up comedian, kind of zombie, and mostly kind of a Sal Lizard! Seen at numerous conventions, Sal is in horror movies, has played Santa for over two decades, and works to continually simultaneously meet AND defy expectation. A true original, he definately belongs here in Kaiju After Hours...


RETURN TO NUKE'EM HIGH Part 1 Trailer (2013)







During the early 1980s midnight cinema made a return to the screens, albeit in multiplexs, but showing films which were very "cult" oriented and in many cases quite bizarre. One of the most disturbing, yet funny films I ever saw was "Bloodsucking Freaks", a film whose sole purpose it seemed was to defy categorization, and more so to avoid being recommendable to most people. Without knowing what I was to see I wandered into a Soho/S&M/white-slave market/ballet/avante garde theater storyline with gruesome dismemberments, sight-gags, rampant and unflinching nudity, and a dwarf character that makes Herve Villechaize's character in "The Forbidden Zone" seem positively Republican.

To be sure the film is repulsive in many ways, and yet it has refused to completely leave me... so when the opportunity came at Cleveland's Cinema Wasteland show to ask Mr. Reed about the film I took it.

Joel is a very nice and unnassuming gentleman, and he probably does not relish being remembered for just this one film, which was actually atypical of his output. He enjoys fly-fishing and the Polish female population of Lackawanna, NY, and was very nice to discuss this film with me.







At the 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival in Erie, PA (natch') TV's Dad met up with Joe Pilato. If you love Romero Zombie movies (and who doesn't.....) then you love a good bad guy, and they don't get more deliciously bad than Joe Pilato, who assayed the role of the power-mad military officer who menaces the lovely Lori Cardille as well as.... well... just about everyone living and dead in the film. Joe's story goes well beyond "Day of the Dead" however, and here he tells about where he started, what he's done, where he's going, and how I almost got him to cry...

PT 1

PT 2


Been to the movies at some point in the past twenty five years? Then there's a better than average chance you've seen the work of actor Michael Berryman. Mr. Berryman has a rare skin disorder which precludes him from growing hair or sweating, and has given him a unique appearance. But this quiet and thoughtful man who was pursuing a career as a photographer demonstrated with a solid work-ethic and a previously untapped acting ability that he would be an excellent choice for film work. He's played menacing mutants, interesting Trekian aliens, and once in a while just gets to play regular folk in the movies, and as he did with me, he will demonstrate for you his naturally tendency to nearly instantly get you past the initial visual aspect of his life and into the very fascinating character he displays. It was a privilage to be able to interview Mr. Berryman at the 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival.

PT 1



PT 2







Showcased at the aforementioned Eerie Horror Film Festival was an award winning film, "Netherbeast, Inc." which took the experience of reasl-world corporate life and made the admittedly very small leap of logic that it is inhabited in good part by vampires. And not just any vampires, but a casst of actors that any young filmmakers would give their eye-fangs for. Learn how the filmmakers did it, and more, in this two-part interview, oddly enough from the 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival (beginning to see a pattern here folks?).

PT 1


PT 2






Lest you think Horror was the only thing you were going to see on this page, we direct your attention to an ambitious, albeit mildly flawed phone interview with Stanton Friendman. Not a filmmaker, nor a TV actor, although he has been on TV numerous times and appeared in documentaries. He is the current default go-to guy in the field of UFO research.  In preparation for this interview, inspired by a red-eye flight from Las Vegas back to my native Buffalo, NY, where I watched him discussing a recent UFO incident on the Larry King Live show, I chose to read one of the many books Mr. Friedman had written on the subject. I chose "MAJIC" which details his entry into the field of UFO research as well as his exhaustive investigation into not necessarily UFOs so much as evidence the U.S. Government was running a secretive UFO oversite comittee. The book is compelling, and has formed the basis for a good deal of more rrecent UFO mythology used in moves and TV on the subject.

Whether or not you believe in UFOs, it's undeniable that the phenomenon's inability to go away rests with the foundations of this man's work.

I apologize in advance for the choppy quality of the phone interview. Our budget is minimalistic and primarily geared toward travel expenses, so we have yet to find a way to do phone interviews in a higher quality sound. But we're working on that one. Anyhow, enjoy this conversation with Mr. Stanton Friedman, Nuclear Research scientist and UFO expert.


PT 1


PT 2


PT 3


PT 4


PT 5





The interview that more or less clinched my desire to introduce "Kaiju After Hours" with a man who I was reading about in Fangoria magazine in my callow youth, and yet who demonstrated a surprising energy and vigor, H.G. Lews, hailng from the days of guerilla indentdant filmmaking Mr. Lewis turned out in the course of the 1960s an impresive number of low-budget shorts that became drive-in staples. His seminal "2000 Maniacs" is notable for the man's clever ability to get a small town of non-actors to play along with him in a truly ambitious storyline (for a film with no budget, aanyhow....).

Also, Mr. Lewis talks about his series of books on marketing and business which are his more recent loves, and in fact are just as interesting. But no matter what he does as an author, he will always be "The Godfather of Gore" to America at large.









I have a saying.... "Hate Coffee, Hate the People Who Like It even More." It doesn't make me popular, but what it DOES do is show how my head can be turned by some pretty interesting things. At the 2006 Toronto Horror Convention I passed a booth with an HD TV showing clips of a production company's movies... and I was stunned by a fascinating closeup of a cup of coffee. Maybe it was the heady black fluid's near hypnotic quality, maybe it was the energy of the crowd and the general sense of machismo wandering the halls of a horror festival, or perhaps... just perhaps... it was good quality filmmaking.

So I trekked on out to Guelph, Ontario with the Studio Kaiju Producer who, truth be told, was there to make sure I made it out alive... to interview the filmmakers. And what an interview we had, too. Set in a non-descript commercial plaza along an ordinairy Guelph road in a largely unmarked office are a couple of guys who are trying toput Guelph on the map. And they're doing it with a decapitated dummy in their garage, too. Learn more about BlackFawn Films here.

PT 1


PT 2


PT 3




I was there at the 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival when these guys from the American Northwest won triple honors at the festival for their Sasquatch movie, "Paper Dolls". A tense film built on characters and legends. We managed to briefly hook up with to learn about their success in this post-win celebration at the show hotel's bar. Special thanks to Colin for playing role-reversal and being camera-shlep.














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