The staff of Studio Kaiju like to remain strictly neutral for the comfort of our guests, but that doesn't mean we can't showcase a few of our favorite guest causes here. Below are some of the issues that drive our guests to greater heights, and draw our admiration. Enjoy...



Although Magoo sadly passed away on May 16, 2014, his friends are launching a PENNIES FOR PENNY fundraiser to help his widow Danielle deal with his final expenses. We urge our viewers to support this effort by saving their spare change and sending whatever you can to the GoFundMe account set up for Magoo's medical care.

For the time being, we are leaving our original post regarding Magoo intact below, so that the uninitiated can find out more about these two extraordinary individuals who have come to mean such a great deal to us.



We're pretty sure if you were to ask Magoo if he is a "Cause", someone whom you should support, he'd playfully scoff at you and wave that notion away. He's one of the kindest, most gentle people we've met who charmed us silly in his portrayal as the Werewolf husband of Horror Hostess Penny Dreadful, played by Magoo's real-life wife Danielle. We were also surprised and pleased to witness a tiny little moment that forever sits in my forehead and springs up whenever his name is brought up..... A young child... an infant, was looking at this werewolf from just a few feet away, and instantly Magoo put on a broad and engaging smile, and held his "paws" out for the child to examine, but all he did was gently wiggle them as if to say "aren't these funny?".

That's the kind of person Magoo is. A gentle clown who still could manage to get some pretty dang good bellylaughs in his sub-verbal role as Horror Host sidekick.

Apparently, for some time we, like most of the world, were sheltered from the sad news that he has been fighting cancer and it has become both expensive and aggressive. Horror hosts are, contrary to any popular beliefs you might have, historically in it for the love, not the money. It's one of the reasons they build such rabid fan-bases, they literally wouldn't be doing this if they didn't WANT to do it.... the rewards seldom come in financial renumeration.


As you can imagine, the costs of fighting cancer are significant, and we urge you to join in supporting this beautiful couple as they face a challenge of a lifetime. Magoo is approaching this with his usual warmth and humor, and Danielle is being strong for him.
They have done a great deal for all of us with eight seasons of making horrible movies fun to watch in their own unique way, and now it's time for us to thank them. In the only way that really matters. Please help make a werewolf's day and lift the weight of a Witch's shoulders and donate anything you can muster for their cause at:


Magoo and Danielle, better known to the world as Penny and Garou, sincerely appreciate anything you do. And if you decide you want to friend them on Facebook, (Danielle can be found as "Penny Dreadful" and Magoo as "Garou Wolfman"...) feel free to engage them and offer some humor. They are not at all maudlin in their approach to this, although they ARE serious about their goal. So yeah, they could use a bit of the medicine they have been handing out for so long... a good laugh.

















Run For One Planet


Our friend Matt Hill is so positive-energy that when he runs around the country he literally means he runs... on foot... around the perimeter of North America....

When our old friend Matt Hill and his "Partner In Crime" Stephanie Tait announced that they were going to go around North America to raise money and educate the public on environmental issues, it really didn't surprise us.  We hadn't yet met Steph, but anyone who's met Matt can attest that if anybody could do this, and not only survive but thrive, he could.

As it turns out, Steph shares Matt's incredible enthusiasm and optimism.  She proved to be every bit as committed to the cause as he was. It's a little like being friends with Super Saiyans...

When we caught up with them in Vaughn, Ontario, they were only a few months into this venture, but we are happy to report that they perservered.  They returned home in May, 2009 after a year on the road, having run 11,000 miles and raised over $100,000 to help the communities they've visited.

Congratulations, guys!  We hope our paths cross again.

Matt and Stephh Part One:

Matt and Steph Part Two:

Matt and Steph Part Three:

Matt and Steph Part Four:


One of the greatest responsibilities that human beings have as the custodians of our planet is to care for those who share the planet with us.

At the Motor City Comic Con, Academy Award nominated actress Linda Blair had a booth, not celebrating her career, although it would not have been out of place, but rather on behalf of the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated not only to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in the Los Angeles area, but to educating people all over the world about animal welfare.

We at Studio Kaiju encourage our viewers to learn more about this important issue. Please go to

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