June 26, 1997 - March 10, 2010

Hopes battle with Cancer is over. Her loving parents, Jay and Deb, and her brother J.D., are carrying on for her.

During the past year we spent many days praying, discussing her, imagining the trauma and strangely welcome strength that her fight has brought to those closest to her. I personally prepared three different eulogies for this site, none of which was really quite right. So when Colin finally weighed in on the loss in a Facebook message it seemed that nothing else needed to be said. So here now is that message from the heart and soul of Studio Kaiju...

Just some words of advice...

by Colin Reboy, Friday, March 12, 2010 at 9:56pm

A friend of mine in Chicago passed away on Wednesday after a painfully long battle with a very rare type pf cancer. I've been, in the back of my mind, reflecting a bit on what her life and legacy has meant to so many people, including myself and my family. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten a chance to know her more, but I feel no one should come out of this with regrets. I find it incredible that this girl (she was merely twelve when she left this earth) made so many comebacks in the time between her diagnosis and her death. There was a brief point where I honestly believed she might overcome this disease (if anyone could do it, she could've). She would keep setting goals that would extend past what her life was presumed to be, and she fulfilled almost all of them. But sadly, as incredible as her feats were, everyone, including her, knew that it was inevitably fatal. I felt heart-broken when I heard the news: no twelve year old should have to go through that. Ever. But this girl (prophetically named Hope) had worked to make the best of her situation, and I have found her to be a constant inspiration both before and after her passing. She was an incredible girl, and although I couldn't even comprehend what her family must be going through, I miss her and hope that she is now happy and free of the suffering she went through in the last few months.

The reason I brought this up is that I would like anyone reading this to do one thing this weekend at some point: take some time, even just a couple of minutes, and just enjoy the little things in your life. I'm working to the same. I'm sure Hope would want us to do the same.







As much as we have a great deal of fondness for all of our guests, a few of them have been real standouts. We have a special place in our hearts for the gang out in Chicago, the Beatles Tribute band Stockwood and their team. We have kept in touch with Barb and Dave Ladner of their support group and even met with them socially (no mean feat when you're 500 miles apart...).

Normally we would not dream to point one guest out as special, but if you had gotten to know about these people the way we all have you would feel the same. They are generous, warm, entertaining, giving, and committed. They are talented and fun and above all a large family.  These are genuinely kind, good people.

And sometimes fate has a way of dealing good families very bad news.

J.D. Fuller, who handles the role of Paul McCartney in Stockwood, has a younger sister, Hope Fuller. She is bright, musically close to being his equal, extremely talented in many areas, and above all a very charitable person. Hope has been a huge supporter of the band and her brother for some years now and she is very important to the various families that coordinate to form Stockwood.

Hope has been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of brain cancer. It struck rapidly, without warning, and is very aggressive.

Naturally the Fuller family has been overwhelmed with the sudden responsibilities of this new development, and they have mobilized to treat Hope, keep the committment to the band going, and figure out how to handle the various pressures that something like this can bring on.

The first, and hopefully the easiest thing we at Studio Kaiju are asking of all of you, is to join us in adding Hope Fuller in your prayers. Ask for her to be mentioned in Sunday mass, light a candle for her, add her to a rosary, or even just bluntly ask God to watch over her. While it isn't a cure it's a strong positive message in a world that needs them now. And whether or not you have that type of faith in you, please remember that the Fuller family DOES have that type of faith, and they need your support.

Faith can move hearts, and hearts can move mountains.

Second, please click on the links at the bottom of the page and learn more about this cancer. It sounded to me like something out of a bad made-for-TV movie, and yet it's all too real.

Third, look into the eyes of this lovely young lady and do not shy away from her plight. Read her story on the link provided, and try to place yourself in her family's shoes.

The most special years of our lives are as children, unaware of the passage of time or the complexities of the world around us. Hope brings so much joy to her brother and her parents, and to all of her friends, that we could not help but be moved by this. Now, all of a sudden, time and complexity has entered her life.




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