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It may be a little late for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration, but we finally snagged an interview with the third member of the triumverate who made THE FIVE(ISH) DOCTORS (REBOOT) so much fun! (Paul McGann is certainly welcome to join the party anytime, should the occasion arise, by the way!)

Doctor #7 Sylvester McCoy took a few moments at the Niagara Falls Comic Con to chat with Colin about his work on DOCTOR WHO and THE HOBBIT, as well about an earlier collaboration with Sir Ian McKellan.  Enjoy!





Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland, OH was the setting for a Tromaville High School reunion, as Colin chatted with his RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH classmates Asta Paredes, who played Chrissy, one of the central characters, and Clay von Carolowitz, who played her would be boyfriend Eugene. If you look carefully in the background, you'll see another Troma celebrity lurking unobtrusively.

We apologize for the poor sound quality.  By the time we realized that there was a problem, Asta and Clay had already headed off for a theatrical screening in Downtown Cleveland.




Late one evening, the end of an absolutely horrible day, the mood at Casa Kaiju was suddenly brightened when the phone rang, and at the other end was one of Colin's all-time favorite actors, RAISING HOPE co-star Lou Wagner.  We had sent an interview request to him through his agent, and he was calling us back to let us know he'd be happy to do it!

As both he and Colin were extremely busy in the weeks that followed, it took us a while to set this up, but the end result is certainly worth it.  Through the miracle of Kaijucam, Lou offers wonderful stories about his work on LOST IN SPACE (as the immortal J-5), DRAGNET and HBO's FUNNY OR DIE, among many other things.  And aspiring actor Colin found many of his insights on the differences between stage, television and film acting not only interesting, but useful.

We humbly apologize that the interview cuts off at around the half hour mark.  Lou called us again the afternoon before we left for Motor City Comic Con and offered several times to do the interview, one of which was "right now".  Our enthusiasm overtook all else, and we started recording almost instantly, without checking the status of the battery on our brand new camera.

Lou graciously promised to do a second session with us in the near future, which we're anxious to do...So much so that immediately after hanging up with him, we went out and bought a second battery!


Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, we proudly present Lou Wagner!



A mere 10 months later, Lou sat down with Colin to talk about his work on RAISING HOPE and THE MILLERS, the TV Movie SODBUSTERS, and several other projects.  This is our first interview with the new, improved Kaijucam setup, with improved picture and sound.

And we couldn't think of a better way to break it in!  Many thanks to Lou's daughter Katherine for providing the technical assistance to make these interviews possible.



We had a tough time deciding where to put this interview.  While Curtis Armstrong has a very impressive live action resume that includes BETTER OFF DEAD, JINGLE ALL THE WAY, and TV's MOONLIGHTING, many people, us included, love his voice work on shows like EEK! AND THE TERRIBLE THUNDERLIZARDS, AMERICAN DAD! and, of course, DAN VS.  Since he was promoting his live action series KING OF THE NERDS, we decided to let him grace this page.

Curtis was a very popular guest at Motor City Comic Con 2013, which makes it even more special that he was willing to take the time to chat with us.  In fact, we had to film the interview in several blocks over a two day period.  You'll notice he starts the interview dressed as Dan and changes clothes mid-stream.  He was a delight to work with, and we think you will find him a delight to watch as well.




I wasn't sure what to expect with these two ladies, but walked away VERY impressed with them as business people and talented artists. Electra and Elise are well known in action film circles for their roles as Nurses Mona and Lisa in MACHETE and the upcoming MACHETE KILLS, as well as their turn as "The Crazy Babysitter Twins" in GRINDHOUSE. More than actresses, though, the ladies talk about their other jobs and one high-profile job they won't EVER do again.... You're definitely gonna want to set the Youtube quality level up to 720P and go full-screen with this interview.


Look for Elise's photography at


Also, check out Electra's work below...

Bonus Videos:

The Trailer for SUSHI GIRL


and AMILA'S 25TH


Never content to rest on our laurels, we tracked down one of England's revered medical men, Doctor Who #6, Colin Baker for a reprise interview, since it has only been 9-1/2 years since the last time the two Colins spoke. YES, we do touch on Doctor Who, but also other jobs Colin the Elder has been up to since last we spoke.


From a group of menacing children on the bridge of the Enterprise who frustrated Captain Kirk, to the decks of "Space Academy", and then to 80s movie-making as the voice of Leonardo in the three live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a memorable stint at the Police Academy and then gaining his vengenace in The Revenge of the Nerds, Brian Tochi has been a fixture of entertainment for many years. We caught up with him at the Motor City Comic Con, one of our regular favorite spots to meet and greet celebrities, and he was gracious enough to share a few minutes with us.


"I'm lucky, you're lucky, we're ALL Lucky!!!!"... the character of Magenta, the delightfully twisted sister to Richard O'Brien's iconic Riff Raff in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW was played by a lovely and talented lady named Patricia Quinn. When we approached her at Shock Stock to see if she would do an interview we weren't entirely sure what to expect. What we got was an enthusiastic "Yes" and before we knew it we were struggling to keep up with the movie star, who was careful to avoid spilling the beans about another up-coming project.. her featured role in the brand new Rob Zombie movie, THE LORDS OF SALEM. Patricia was a delight and a tremendous amount of fun to interview.


One of the many characters that graces the big screen in RETURN TO NUKE'EM HIGH Vol 1 is the gym coach, played amiably by Ron Mackay. Ron and his lovely wife Catherine started working with Troma few years ago when they applied to be extras in POULTRYGEIST and ended up doing stunt work and other duties. Ron explaains however that he has parlayed his association with Troma into another job as well...


We feel kind of bad because we did this interview with Ms. Paiva over a month ago, but hot weather really beat us down this year... 

Rebecca is best known as Luna 13, the whimsically unintelligent "chaos" character who adds an element of unexpected twists to the beloved "Penny Dreadful's Schilling Shockers". She is also the brainchild along with Penny herself of much of what appears on the TV screen.

Bending the genre of Horror-hosting on it's ear this past season, the PD gang pulled out  all the stops and showed a series of silent classics, while simultaneously running a narrative driven by Luna 13's madcap mindset which makes the whole season something of an event. We CAN'T show you what you missed, but you CAN see scenes on Youtube. Anyhoo... without further adieu, our madcap Miss Paiva....

As an aside, we had originally planned to do this interview as a silent, in tribute to the latest season of SHILLING SHOCKERS, but after reviewing the footage, we found that title cards would not be able to do justice to Rebecca's wonderful answers.


I can not believe we actually forgot about this one.... Ten years ago (that's right, a whole decade ago!) Colin had his FIRST interview... albeit not in person, and he was dubbed, but it still counts, because it was his qusestion being put to the world's most famous leading man, Jackie Chan.

The "Jackie Chan Adventures" had put out a contest to ask Jackie a question and he would answer it over the air as a follow-up to each week's animated episode. Colin, then 8 years old, had the honor of having his question used in the second season premiere episode "The Warrior Incarnate" which featured David "Kill Bill" Carradine as a Terracotta Warrior brought to life by a talisman, and befriended by Jackie's niece, Jade, voiced admirably by Stacey Chan.  At the end of the episode Stacey read Colin's question to Jackie who, presumably in his home office in China or Hong Kong, answered on film.

It's just one of the many twisty-turny events that makes life fun, that we have had so many experiences we could actually forget about this one.  But no more... so sit back and enjoy Studio Kaiju's newest First interview with Jackie Chan....

Jackie Chan interviewed by Studio Kaiju from studio kaiju on Vimeo.


This "found footage" is the remaining usable footage from the lost Motor City Comic Con trip from a few years ago. The audio dropout is from the source recording. The original interview was great fun to do, and Mr. Shipp was as much a decent and warm man as we had hoped based on his portrayal of Barry Allen from the live action early 90s TV series, "The Flash".


A couple of years ago we had what we can only charitably call a disastrous road-trip to Motor City Comic Con. The con was great, the people were great, the interviews were among the best we had scored, and we arrived and left with our health intact... 

But we had a problem... a BIG problem... with our microphone...

On this trip we had interviewed the lovely Karen Allen, Marcia Wallace, John Wesley Shipp and Lee Meriwether. All fine actors whose work we greatly admire. Marcia Wallace's footage was a complete wash... nothing survived in terms of audio. We were crushed. Karen's footage has some brief clips, and if we can locate that we'll put that up too... and John Wesley Shipp actually agreed to let us re-do the interview since his footage, shot the same day as Marcia's, was also a complete wash. The second take yielded only a few moments.

Lee Meriwether was a 60s and 70s TV icon who played able employees of the Time Tunnel, Barnaby Jones, and also got to throw on the Catwoman outfit for what turned out to be the most origin-accurate live-action portrayal to date of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. We were very pleased to speak with her here...


The most amazing thing about Terry Moore isn't that she was married to Howard Hughes, and it's not that she has co-starred and been the romantic lead for damn near every major star Hollywood had to offer from 1940 onward, or even that she was the iconic beauty to the original Mighty Joe Young's beast... no, it's that at 83 years of age this young lady still works out three times a week with a West Point Captain and is probably tougher than Joe. Those long quiet moments he displays are A) testimony to how jaw-dropping a lady she is, and B) the main reason we usually want Colin doing the interviews....

We're very proud to have her as one of our honored guests, and we hope you enjoy seeing this true Hollywood Lady being interviewed in Butler, PA at Monster Bash...


It's been a little too long since we updated this page. So we returned to Monster Bash and met up with a man who has been a part of cinema and television culture for 53 years, the redoubtable Captain Crane himself, David Hedison. Here he discusses briefly working with Robert Mitchum, Vincent Price's changed perception of him, and a stunning lack of women on the Seaview.... to learn more, you'll have to watch the interview. Enjoy...


At Monster Bash in Butler, PA, we had a great time chatting with New England's Horror Hostess With the Mostest, Rondo Award Winner Penny Dreadful, accompanied by her husband, Garou the Werewolf, and next door neighbor (and semi-retired monster slayer) Dr. Manfred Von Bulow.  We didn't get the chance to meet the fourth member of the team, the mad Luna 13, but we did manage to say a quick hello to her dear friend Rebecca Paiva, Co-Producer, Director, Writer and Cinematographer of Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers.

Penny was her usual charming Goth self as she shared the details of her unusual courtship and marriage to Garou.  Garou himself contributed several amusing anecdotes...If you happen to speak Werewolf, that is.  And, not to be outdone, Dr. Von Bulow manages to get Colin to confirm a long standing rumor about his personal life using a very clever tactic...He simply asked him!

If you want to know more about Penny and the gang (and we're certain you will), head over to



One of the happiest surprises at Monster Bash was Ann Robinson  - No, not the BBC's Queen of Mean, but rather the lovely and gracious star of War of the Worlds and Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.  She proved to be warm and funny, and so full of enthusiasm that it's positively impossible not to love her! 

For more on Ann, check out her official website,

As you will see, she is immensely proud to be WOTW's Goodwill Ambassador.  She has many tales to tell, but we can't tell them half as well as she does, so without further ado...



When Colin was first starting out, he interviewed the late Ben Chapman and Ricco Browning, who collectively played The Creature From The Black Lagoon.  At Monster Bash,Joe sat down with their beautiful co-star, Julie Adams, one of Hollywood's most enduring stars. 

They talk about The Creature, Francis the Talking Mule, and her most recent work on shows like Lost.

For more on Julie, visit her official site,



Well, he isn't actually an actor, but Bert I. Gordon, aka Mr. B.I.G., has a directoral style that is nearly a character in his many films.  Among the titles you will likely remember are The Amazing Colossal Man, The Magic Sword, Village of the Giants and War of the Colossal Beasts.

He talked with Colin at Monster Bash about his vast library of films. For more information on Mr. Gordon, check out his autobiography, entitled The Amazing Worlds of Mr. B.I.G. Copies are available from his official website,



Here we are faced with yet another dilemma: Another guest who is legitimately a master of many things.  But since we suspect that, like us, most of you discovered the multitalented Peter Elbling first as an actor, that is where we decided to post this in-depth Kaijucam interview.

Doubtless you will remember him as a member of the Juicy Fruits/Beach Bums/Undead in our collective favorite film, Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise.  Using the rather odd stage name "Harold Oblong", he was the lead singer in the "Somebody Super Like You" sequence with the dagger-like microphone.  On WKRP In Cincinnati, he gave another iconic performance as Blood, the leader of the overly polite but extremely well named "Hoodlum Rock" group, Scum of the Earth.

He not only played musicians, but he actually is a very gifted one in real life.  If you visit his official website,, you can hear him perform with his wife Hellen, an amazing vocalist in her own right.

In 1979, he co-authored and edited the best seller, The 1980's: A Look Back, followed a decade later by The 1990's: A Look Back, each taking a satirical look "back" at the years to come.  He is also a well regarded novelist and screenwriter whose resume includes the hit Disney film Honey, I Blew Up The Kid.

Currently, he is creating a stir on the web with his alter ego, Mr. Vinegar, a man who, despite a philosophy of "Me and Me Against The World", remains somehow oddly sympathetic.

And so, without further ado, we present Peter Elbling:

Part 1:

Peter and Colin discuss all things Phantom of the Paradise, including the 2006 Juicy Fruits reunion performance at Phantompalooza 2 in Winnepeg.  And find out exactly why Scum of the Earth are so darned polite!

Part 2:

Switching gears a little, Peter has Colin on the ropes as he discusses his career as a writer.  Watch for his take on the future of banking!

Part 3:
After a brief unscheduled cameo by our Kaijucat Dean, Peter talks about the life and philosophy of his newest creation, Mr. Vinegar.

Many thanks to Peter for being so generous with his time, and to Hellen for her invaluable technical assistance.


Simply because he's been doing this for so long, Colin does not often get starstruck, but he was in awe of legendary Actor and Martial Artist Jim Kelly.  We were fortunate enough to catch up with Mr. Kelly at the 2010 Motor City Comic Con, where he gave Colin a very revealing interview. 

We are very grateful to Mr. Kelly for giving us so much of his time, as he had a steady stream of visitors to his table all weekend long.  In fact, the voice you hear in the background at the 21 second mark in Part One is none other than Academy Award Winning actress Julia Roberts' older brother. uber-fan Eric Roberts, unable to contain his enthusiasm. Having spent many years with her, we're confident Eric knows real talent when he sees it.

In Part One, Mr. Kelly talks about his film work, including his appearance with the late Bruce Lee in the seminal kung fu film, Enter The Dragon. He also touches on his association with Lee's son Brandon, which led to a very chilling coincidence. 

PT 1

SK014 Jim Kelly Pt 1 by StudioKaiju

In Part 2 Mr. Kelly shifts gears to talk about his impressive achievements in the world of sports, not only as a martial artist, but as a top player on the USTA Senior Men's Circuit.

PT 2

SK015 Jim Kelly Pt 2 by StudioKaiju

(Guest Interviewer: Johnny Green):

In our next two clips, we offer a special treat: Singer Johnny Green sits in for Colin to talk to some pals of his who you might remember from The Dukes of Hazzard. First up is the likable Byron Cherry, who played Cousin Coy both on the live action series and on the Saturday Morning cartoon spinoff, The Dukes.

Johnny Speaks with Byron about one of his favorite charities, the Friendship Circle, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  Learn more about them over at

Meanwhile Byron talks about his favorite charity, called "Catalyst", helping rebuild buildings and housing homeless families. You can learn more about it at

(Guest Interviewer: Johnny Green):

Next, Johnny chats with Don Pedro Colley, who played Sheriff Little on The Dukes of Hazzard. You'll also recognize him from George Lucas' THX 1138 and Beneath The Planet of the Apes. A versatile performer, his resume includes not only popular television shows like The Wild Wild West, Daniel Boone and The Bionic Woman, but stage productions of Othello and A Doll's House as well.

Don talks about being an inspiration to the kids, and Johnny discusses how that segways into his cause, the Friendship Circle at


Sometimes, one of the toughest parts about this website is deciding which page to place an interview.  Such is the case with Tia Carrere.  She became a major film and TV star with her roles as Cassandra in the Wayne's World films and as a female Indiana Jones in Relic Hunter.  But she is equally well known as a model, a Grammy winning recording artist, and a voice actress. 

At the Motor City Comic Con, she chats with Colin about her various careers, including her album Hawaiiana and her roles as Queen Tyr'ahnee in Duck Dodgers and big sister Nani in Disney's Lilo and Stitch franchise.


It's been said that the measure of an actor is how convincingly he can play someone totally unlike himself.  If that's true, then expect to be seeing Star Wars actor Daniel Logan for decades to come.

In Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, a very young Daniel gave a truly scary performance as young Boba Fett.  The expression on his face when he picks up the famous helmet after his father is killed by Mace Windu is absolutely chilling.  But we've always found the real Daniel to be bright, gregarious and fun.

Backstage at the Motor City Comic Con, he and Colin catch up and talk about work, family, and all things Star Wars, including the return of Boba on Cartoon Network's Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


To a fan of 60's TV science fiction, there are few performances more iconic than Mark Goddard as Major Don West on Lost In Space. At the Motor City Comic Con, Colin talked to Mark about his career, including his brief return to the franchise in the Lost In Space feature film.

They also talk about his more recent work as a teacher, and his autobiography, To Space and Back, autographed copies of which can be purchased directly from his website,


One of the reasons we love doing the Motor City Comic Cons when we can is that there almost always are surprises around the corner.  At the 2010 show, we literally turned a corner and found actor Paris Themmin, sitting in a row occupied primarily by models and pro wrestlers.  He was added to the guest list only a few days before, so he was not featured in any of the promotional material.

Primarily known for playing Mike Teevee, one of the "bad kids" in the classic version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Mr. Themmin has had a long and varied career that began with a stint in Mame on Broadway and has since branched out to several different avenues throughout the entertainment industry.

Despite all of this, he remains a nice, normal and humble man who is the total opposite of the stereotypical "former child star".



When we had heard that iconic actress/dancer Sandahl Bergman was making her first-ever convention appearance at Motor City Comic Con, we weren't sure we would have a prayer of getting an interview with her.  Predictably, she was kept pretty busy all weekend chatting with fans, but she was kind enough to talk with Colin very early on Sunday morning before the show got rolling. 

The weekend's activity took its toll on her voice, however, and by this point, she was having a tough time talking.  But like the trooper she is, she soldiered on, giving an informative talk on her film roles in Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja and Xanadu, as well as her impressive body of stage work that has included two shows that both she and Colin have in common, Guys and Dolls and Pippin.



At Motor City Comic Con, Colin caught up with Charles Fleischer, who is best known for voicing the title character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit...Or is he?  By the end of the conversation, we weren't sure anymore...Watch this textbook example of absurdist humor, and you'll see what we mean.  Enjoy!



At the Cleveland Cinema Wasteland show in late 2009 TV's Colin met up with Hammer Horror actress Martine Beswick and plied her with questions. She proved to be a very gracious interviewee and the very essence of a lady. Our thanks go out to her for her candid talk and her description of the typical working life of a late sixties English actress.




Known for a string of movie roles in the sixties highlighted in particular by his portrayal of a brutal psychotic killer in the movie "The Sadist", Arch Hall turned out to be much nicer in person and thankfully did NOT add TV's Dad to his list of victims. He tells a very interesting tale of his father's film career and how things did NOT turn out the way he had planned. Enjoy.







Returning to our old friend Son of Ghoul, TV's Colin closes the gap in what has been going on with him these past few years.






TV's Dad is lucky to have survived this interview. By his own admission he was "Larry King"ing his way thru and not as up-to-speed on the subject as he wanted to be. But when the subject turns to the genre known as "blaxploitation" things get a bit tense...

Our thanks to Mr. Williamson for his patience and his willingness to be interviewed by someone who describes himself as "Larry King".








Here's Colin's 2004 interview with the late, great Ben Chapman, who played "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" in the scenes where he appeared on land. Mr. Chapman was a truly nice grandfatherly gentleman whose kindness to a young movie buff has not been forgotten.






Most of Phil's in-depth interview is on the "Animation" page, however we placed this clip here, as it relates specifically to his role in the modern classic "Pulp Fiction".






At the 2008 Motor City Comicon we met Mac Kelly, AKA Wolfman Mac, and his posse from WMYD-TV's "Nightmare Sinema". Just how COULD we resist grabbing him for an interview? As we are not from the Detroit area we had not had the opportunity to see his show, but having visited his website at we wish we were there! Check it out for more on Mac, Boney Bob, Morbid Melvin and the rest of the crew.






Lster that same day at Motor City Colin had the opportunity to chat with the man who paved the way for Wolfman Mac and tons of other local hororor hosts, The Ghoul. It's hard not to be impressed by his boundless energy. This guy was ""ON" all day!


Here they talk about... well pretty much anything and everything, including their mutual love of a certain band form Liverpool.




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