Colin is a singer-songwriter... you probably don't know that so much since he's always off somewhere doing plays or whatnot, but he's a pretty talented songwriter. The Studio Kaiju gang has pressed and pressed, and finally we managed to get him to take time away from his occasionally WAY-stressful schedule to shoot a music video for one of our favorite original songs from him, STAR.



Earlier in 2013 Studio Kaiju presented our first original project, the music video KILL4LOVE by RedGoGreen, now known as ThAT'SThAT. Long before that it was a goal here to create original entertainment. Everyone seems to want to make movies when they are young, but it's not easy since the equipment costs are off-putting and then of course you need people to film, places to film them, and a worthwhile story. It SOUNDS daunting, and in fact it can be quite an undertaking, but the effort has been started, and over the course of 40 grueling hours a short film, a teaser for what is hoped will become a feature film release, "Written In Blood" was shot. Due to his commitment to the Niagara University play "Batboy: The Musical", Colin was not able to be part of this shoot. He WILL however be involved in just about every Studio Kaiju project that comes up, and he is still interested in doing interviews. (Late Breaking News!!!! The band ThAT'SThAT has changed their name to "The Mobil Hot Spots")



The full Teaser short film, WRITTEN IN BLOOD







Written In Blood is a co-production with RavenWolf Films, and is a vampire story. Set against the backdrop of a pending Peace Treaty between the

Vampire Councils of the world and the Vatican, the story tells of how the vampires have become very conservative and domesticated. One local Council

however has their hands full trying to reign in a rogue vampire, 400 year old Carly, who has embarked on a campaign of high-profile killings. Council

Leader Lucius dispatches the youngest member of the Council, Gavin, to keep her under their thumb.


The Teaser is just one small segment of the story, and follows Carly on one of her raids, into enemy territory.

Directed by Jason John Beebe, Executive Produced by Joe Reboy and Jason John Beebe, from story and original characters by Joe Reboy, and starring

Erika Frase, Jason John Beebe, Bill Brown and Claudia Rochon. Director of Cinematography is Joseph Giambra, Key Grip/Lighting by Joe Wilson of Speedy

Enterprises, Make-up by Josie Ricotta Young.










The band RedGoGree who later morphed into ThATsThAT and is now finally (and they promise me permanently...) The Mobil Hot Spots, sold a song to Troma for inclusion in RETURN TO NUKE'EM HIGH. It's NOT in Volume 1 so we are figuring it will be in Volume 2, which, as we learned recently, ifs STILL being shot. Studio Kaiju's first fully original production,shot in May 2003, and having played at Tromadance Detroit that summer, is presented here... KILL4LOVE.



Adn as an added bonus, here's the trailer for the music video...




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