Q. - Can you give me contact information for your guests?

A. - Sorry, but no.  First, in most cases, our interviews are done on the fly, and we really have no contact information. In the rare instances where we do, we must assure our guests that we will not share this information with anyone. If you are an autograph collector, there are many great sites on the web to find mailing addresses. We can recommend, run by Colin's friend, Michael Gumm, as a very useful resource.

Q. - Why don't you interview (insert name)?

A. - As stated above, most of our successes are based on sheer luck, so it's a little hard to accomodate specific requests. That said, we certainly welcome suggestions.  But we can't guarantee anything, particularly in a hurry.

Q. - Why is it so long between updates?

A. - This is just a hobby for us.  All three of us have "real jobs" - in Colin's case, there's school as well. And, just like everybody else, if it becomes a choice between fun and earning a living... Colin's been very busy acting as well.  The two months off we anticipated him having turned out to be two weeks, and that was during the busy holiday season.  Hopefully, we will have more time in the summer.


Q. - Aren't you the guys who dress up as giant monsters and fight in boxing rings?


A. - Flattered though we may be, we are not related to the fine folks over at Kaiju Big Battel. And yes, they do have their own "Studio Kaiju" but we never heard about it until well after we were up and running, so we're planning to keep our name. Studio Kaiju was formed as a family-based non-profit business. Our young on-camera talent, TV's Colin, came up with the name because of his love for large rubber monsters that stomp on Tokyo. To anyone who comes here expecting to see anything more rubber-monster-oriented than our logo, the affable and talented "Kenny Kaiju", will be sadly disappointed. So to make your hopes and dreams a reality, you can find those guys HERE.

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