On February 6, 2011, the THS Jazz Ensemble was one of four school bands that attended the Jazz Festival at Mount St. Mary's Academy. In the finale of their set, Colin was featured as vocalist on "Zoot Suit Riot".  The song also features jazz legend Bobby Militello, who spent the afternoon before the show hosting workshops for the students.  While all the bands were wonderful, this number was, for obvious reasons, our favorite.


If you've never heard of Gary Mallaber it's understandable. But if you've never heard Gary's music it means you've succeeded in living a dull life in a cave somewhere far from any radio reception. Gary has supplied drums for so many #1 his over the last fourty years it's likely he's even forgotten some of them by now. His works span from being part of the legendary Steve Miller Band, sitting in with the Beach Boys, hanging with Paul Williams, and performing both credited and uncredited session guerilla work with a multitude of majors.

Gary's an extremely dedicated musician, producer and he was very much a gentleman to work with. That's why he's the go-to session drummer in the music industry....

PT 1

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STOCKWOOD live at Lake Geneva, WI

For a fourth year in a row the lads from Woodstock, Illinois have performed in mid-July at gorgeous Laske Geneva, in Wisconsin. In a rare bit of fearful symmetry Studio Kaiju was able to be there for at least part of the show and we wanted to show you exactly what it was that keeps bringing us back to them. The four lads, John Morefield (Paul McCartney), Collin Berg (John Lennon), Evan Berg (Ringo Starr) and the newest member of the band, John Perrin (George Harrison) knock out two tunes here... "My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Get Back".

We were privileged to get permission from the band to put this video up... sorry for the poor camera work, but in reality it's the music that's the magic here... and this captures some of that.

Wondering what the green ribbons are for? They are a tribute to Hope Fuller. Learn more about it at

Stockwood - Live at Lake Geneva WI - 071510
Uploaded by StudioKaiju. - See the latest featured music videos.

(Of "Johnny Green and the Greenmen"):

When we decided to go to the 2010 Motor City Comic Con, we already knew we wanted to meet singer Johnny Green. We didn't know what a pleasure it would be working with him all weekend long.  Johnny is a genuine whirlwind force of nature whose enthusiasm is contagious.  We struggled just to keep up with him!

A singing star from a very young age, Johnny has worked with just about every icon of classic rock, and on top of that, he and his band were fixtures on the Batman TV show, playing (of course) the Joker's henchmen!

Johnny, his lovely wife Sean and his publicist Mark were wonderful to us, and we sincerely hope we see them again soon at another show.

In the meantime, enjoy the interview, and on the Actors 2 Page, check out Johnny as guest interviewer, talking with Byron Cherry and Don Pedro Colley of The Dukes of Hazzard.



Acclaimed contemporary Blues Guitarist Nick Moss, a staple of the Chicago Blues scene and a regular player at Buddy Guy's Club, stopped by the Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo, NY, the premiere music hall in the area for talented musicians. Just a short while before he was about to start a Friday Night set Nick sat down with Colin and spoke at length about the Blues; what it is to be a touring, working-class musician; Blues purists; the trouble with some music news outlets; and many other subjects. We'd like to make a special mention to the fine people at Event Services who helped to set up this interview. 

To find out what's coming up at the Tralf check out their website at

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



We caught up with the very lovely and talented Ms. Munro at the Cleveland Cinema Wasteland show fall of 2009. This time we went into the interview with an agenda. Everyone knows Caroline has a long history in British Cinema and we all love that about her. But what you may not know is she also has a long history working in the music industry. When you listen in on this conversation you'll understand why Colin's very first interview back in 2003 was not as in-depth as you might have thought so at the time...  Once again, thanks to the lovely Caroline who managed to be even lovelier on round two than she was on round one.




Primarily known for his work as the original keyboardist for BLONDIE, Jimmy takes time out from his busy schedule supporting Al Gore's Global Warming initiative and counseling young offenders to the dangers of drug abuse. This interview was accomplished with the help of our travelling Kaiju-Cam.

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Not having been entirely satisfied with the original interview, TV's Colin jumped at the opportunity in November 2008 to go out to Chicago, Illinois and meet up with the Fab Four lads from other than Liverpool in person. While there the guys played video games together, hung out for a bit, and in what seemed almost an afterthought, went ahead and did an interview. Sound problems sadly preclude us from showing you the live performace they did for us... and if we can ever get that to a workable version you bet we'll put that clip up, but this is a much better way to do this, as we think you'll agree.

By the way, do the clothes look familiar? They should... they were made by the company that manufactured the original outfits for the Beatles.





TV's Colin no doubt is a fan of the Beatles, and when he caught wind of a young tribute band... a band of kids his age, who were award-winning and known internationally, it became something of a cause to interview them. The Kaiju-Cam worked only so-so in this effort, but it was a great way to get to see what these guys were like.

The band has been covered in many national papers, as well as by the stately BBC (Yes, the British Broadcasting Corporation....) for their work.





Continuing the trend toward Beatles-related material, it just wouldn't be a Beatles page without a representation from Beatlemania. (not the Beatles, but an incredible... well you get the idea...). TV's Colin sat down with the Post-Fab Four from parts non Liverpudlian shortly before they performed at Buffalo State. The guys do NOT look much like Beatles off stage, but in truth they really do capture the feel onstage. Enjoy...





TV's Colin is a huge fan of the sounds of the British Invasion, in particular a certain group from Liverpool. So he was particularly honored to have the opportunity to interview Pete Best, founder of the Pete Best Band, owner of the historic Casbah Coffee Bar, and the original drummer for the Beatles!

Despite having done at least half a dozen other interviews that day, Mr. Best graciously consented to appear with Colin to discuss a variety of topics. We are extremely grateful to him, as well as to Rick at Club Infinity in Williamsville, NY for this very special interview.

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PT 2



A couple of years ago we yanked TV's Colin out of classes to go to another school.... down in Bradford, PA, home of Zippo Lighters, so he could meet and interview Academy Award winning singer/songwriter and actor Paul Williams. Many of you will recall his countless portrayals of Leprechauns and the such, but we at Studio Kaiju fondly recall his impressive acting chops in Brian DePalma's classic Rock-N-Roll Fantasy, "THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE". We must have watched that sucker something like thirty four times or so, and that's just in the past couple of years. We're delighted to present this fascinating interview with the Maestro himself...



And it goes without saying that TV's Colin has an interest in the musical arts, so we were'nt so much surprised as we were delighted to present his musical directing debut here. Working with former Music Teacher Larry Rizzuto, himself a fairly talented musician, Colin conducts his fellow sixth grade music class in a chorus of "Changes" a song he wrote about the various changes he was experiencing in life. Due to a technical screw up that had earlier made mincemeat of a number of convention interviews in Michigan, our two-camera set-up yielded only one camera's worth of usable footage. But that's okay because then we couldn't post the clip with all of his classmates in it.






1. Despite the fact that movie musicals were considered "obsolete" by the mid-70's, you became a star performing in no less than three between 1974 and 1981, all of which are now considered cult classics. To what do you attribute your success?

Jessica Harper: Well, I don't know if it really qualifies as 'success': All three of those musicals failed at the box office! But I was lucky to be in them: I enjoyed them all and, as you point out, there aren't many musicals produced these days. In answer to your question, I don't know to what I would attribute my success, if you define success as getting those parts. In two cases it was because I could sing pretty
well, in the other (Pennies From Heaven), in which singing was not actually involved, I guess is what just one of those serendipitous things...

(Editor's Note: The other musicals were Shock Treatment, the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and, of course, Phantom Of The Paradise).

2. Like many people, I first discovered you watching Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise. Do you have any special memories of that experience?

JH: I have many good memories of shooting Phantom of the Paradise, but the most special was the audition. I was flown to Hollywood, put up at the trendy Chateau Marmont, and screen tested, competing with none other than Linda Ronstadt for the part. And the rest is history...

3. I understand that, years later, your role in Phantom led you to someone who changed your life. Who would that have been?

JH: My husband saw me in Phantom, long before I met him, and his memory of me in that movie may have had a minor influence on his decision to propose to me!

4. Your most famous non-musical performance was as K.C., the love interest in the Academy Award-nominated film, My Favorite Year, which was, ironically, the basis for a Broadway musical. What was it like working with the legendary Peter O'Toole?

JH: Peter O'Toole was a consummate professional. He showed up, did his scenes in a blaze of glory, and went to bed early. His on-set tales of times past were mesmerizing, and his presence was, well, it was like being in a room with Lawrence of Arabia...

5. I understand that in 1979, you played one of the most iconic characters in children's fiction in a TV series that continued the story of a classic novel. Could you tell me a little about that?

JH: I played Jo in Little Women, which was a daunting task but really fun and rewarding...and I got to work with Dorothy MacGuire and Mildred Dunnock and many wonderful actors. Although it was a short-lived series, I enjoyed every minute.

6. You also won a Cable ACE Award for your role as next door neighbor Phoebe in It's Garry Shandling's Show. It was a little lighter than many of your other roles. Did you enjoy having the chance to do something a little sillier?

JH: Actually I wasn't the neighbor, I played Garry Shandling's wife, and yes, it was a blast. Doing a comedy series is all fun, easy hours and lots of laughs. And Garry and I got along really well, so it was a great time.

7. These days, you're a multimedia phenomenon for a new generation of fans, with a series of very successful children's CD's and books. What led you in that direction?

JH: You flatter me....I had children, and that inspired me to go in this new direction.

8. Your sister, artist Lindsay Harper DuPont, collaborated with you on a number of projects. Was it hard working with a sibling?

JH: It was GREAT working with my sister, whom I adore, but hard only in that she lives on the East Coast and I live on the West Coast, so communication was more limited than I would have liked. But she's a great illustrator and a wonderful person and I wish I could do all my books with her.

9. I've noticed that your music has a much more sophisticated sound than most children's recordings. Was this intentional, to introduce kids to different music styles, like jazz or calypso?

JH: I'm glad you noticed...I hate the fact that many people who write music for kids think they should condescend: children deserve music that is solid quality, just as we all do. I tried to make music that was lyrically accessible and musically, well, just fun and good, and I happen to prefer jazz and Caribbean rhythms so those were
directions I went in...

10. You often take your act "on the road", performing at schools. Is it different performing for kids than adults, and if so, how?

JH: Well, when I've gone to schools, there are a lot of teachers standing around telling kids to sit down and be quiet. Otherwise, it's not that different, although kids have less compunction about getting up and dancing, which is extremely winning.

We'd like to thank Jessica for taking the time to work with us. For more information on her, see her official website,





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